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RFS2 Services

Merjent is a leading provider of Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2) consulting and engineering reviews for renewable fuel producers.

Merjent offers many services under the new RFS2


Merjent is a leader in RFS2 third-party engineering reviews. Our engineers have performed dozens of these reviews for producers of many different renewable fuel pathways. We perform engineering reviews for facilities all over the country in many different phases of production (initial registration, triennial registration updates with RIN validation, efficient producer registration, site-specific pathway registration, etc.). Hiring Merjent to perform your RFS2 engineering review ensures a professional review that accurately summarizes your production process and contains all the elements that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires.


Merjent has completed site-specific petitions for many different fuel production pathways. Whether your facility wishes to register a new pathway not listed in Table 1 of 40 CFR 80.1426 or plans to use a combination of pathways that require specific EPA approval, we will use our knowledge and experience of the RFS2 registration process to help you maximize the RIN value for your facility.


Merjent has developed efficient producer pathway (EPP) petitions and compliance monitoring plans (CMPs) for numerous producers using our extensive experience with the dry mill ethanol production process and the RSF2 regulation. If you are approaching your grandfathered baseline volume, Merjent can help you evaluate the EPP and other compliance options.


Merjent staff have worked with the EPA’s central data exchange (CDX) program for many years. We understand that it can be confusing. As a client, you will receive one-on-one guidance by email, phone, or video conferencing (real-time sharing of computer screens) to complete your initial CDX registration, edit your RFS2 registration, or submit your triennial registration update.


We often consult with our biofuel clients on the regulatory challenges they face under the RFS2. Whether you are wondering about the allowable feedstocks under your current registration, the deadline of your next registration update, or just wondering if your facility is compliant with the RFS2, our engineers can help guide you through the regulation.


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