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Pipeline services for CO2, renewable natural gas, natural gas, crude oil, and liquids: merging energy and the environment

As a Merjent client, we will partner with you — supporting your commitments to provide the energy we need, including green energy and carbon capture and sequestration, in safe and environmentally sound ways.
Merjent knows pipelines — our staff have worked on thousands of miles of transmission and distribution pipelines and hundreds of facility sites throughout North America. We route them, survey them, permit them, inspect them, and provide operations and maintenance support services on them.
Our clients are dedicated to providing customers across North America with reliable fossil fuel and low carbon sources of energy – to heat and power our homes and businesses and to fuel our vehicles and factories. Our seasoned project managers will partner with you, supporting your commitments to deliver that energy in safe and environmentally sound ways.
A pipe runs through the distance

We work with your team to identify alternatives and select a successful route for your project or a site for your new facility. Our specialists consider permit requirements and permit timing, potential impacts on environmental and cultural resources, total environmental costs, and other environmental, land use, or community concerns that could affect a project’s schedule. We also coordinate with project engineers to identify appropriate route and facility sites to reduce environmental impacts.

Merjent staff have supported applicants in environmental permitting of all components of new projects. Our experience includes projects that are regulated by multiple agencies at the federal and state level, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), U.S. Department of State (DOS), and Bureau of Land Management (BLM), as well as various state utility and siting agencies.

Complicated projects and projects on tight schedules benefit from our extensive experience working on projects regulated by the FERC – we understand the complexities of pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal construction projects from both the applicant’s and regulator’s perspective, and put that knowledge to use in the preparation of FERC Environmental Resource Reports for pipeline expansion and abandonment projects.

Merjent will perform or coordinate field surveys and conduct consultations required to obtain the permits and approvals you need for your project to proceed. Our environmental scientists, wetlands and cultural resources specialists, and biologists stay on top of regulatory changes and quickly become project-specific experts in practical application along project corridors.

Our permitting specialists are highly experienced and have built relationships with federal, state, and local agencies across the nation. They understand the issues raised by agencies and community stakeholders and are adept at working with multiple agencies on large or complex projects.

Merjent has been selected to support federal agencies as a third-party contractor to prepare environmental impact statements (EIS) or environmental assessments (EA) on numerous natural gas transmission pipeline, LNG, and liquids pipeline projects, including for the FERC, BLM, and DOS. We understand the complexities of pipeline and LNG terminal construction projects and the demands associated with them, from both the applicant’s and regulator’s perspective.

Complicated projects and projects on tight schedules benefit from our expertise working as a third-party contractor and our extensive experience coordinating projects with multiple federal, state, and local agencies. Our resource specialists are very knowledgeable about natural resources and the potential environmental impacts that may occur during construction and operation of pipelines and other linear facilities.

This combination of experience and knowledge are vital in expeditiously assessing the environmental data provided by the project sponsor, identifying additional data needs (if any), evaluating construction mitigation plans, and preparing the EIS or EA and supporting documents.

Merjent is experienced with the regulatory processes associated with public outreach activities, including preparation of scoping notices and participation in scoping meetings; assisting the agency to identify, track, and address issues raised by stakeholders; and ensuring they are appropriately analyzed in the EIS or EA.

Merjent offers environmental inspection and third-party environmental compliance monitoring services to the pipeline, electric transmission, renewables, and other utility sectors. In addition to on-staff resources, we maintain a nationwide database of hundreds of qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable inspectors and monitors who are respected across the industry. Our staff, environmental inspectors, and third-party compliance monitors understand FERC, BLM, and state and local regulations and procedures, and apply a reasonable, practical approach to construction mitigation by balancing the needs of the project and the requirements of regulatory agencies. From FERC third-party compliance monitoring and environmental compliance management services during mainline construction, to operations and maintenance (O&M) or stormwater inspections, and from routing feasibility through post-construction restoration monitoring, our construction compliance team can provide the appropriate level of staffing for your project’s needs. In addition, we offer training, variance processing, and pre-inspection/auditing services separate from traditional inspection/monitoring staffing, if needed.

Right-of-way safety is a paramount concern to Merjent. We ensure that our environmental inspectors and compliance monitors are properly trained, understand potential hazards, and are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment. Merjent maintains a Safety and Health Manual that is provided to its field staff prior to starting each project. In addition, Merjent is a compliant contractor registered with ISNetworld (ISN) and meets all necessary safety and health requirements for right-of-way personnel.

We also have in-house expertise for maintaining environmental operational compliance on existing pipeline systems – from managing permitting for pipeline integrity dig programs and monitoring air quality to pipeline replacement or abandonment. We have an in-depth understanding of the tight timelines, dynamic nature, complexities, and regulatory drivers inherent in a pipeline operator’s integrity management program requirements. We have developed systematic and cost-effective processes that enable us to evaluate, support, and facilitate the execution of anomaly and integrity digs on time, and in an environmentally responsible manner to minimize impacts and restoration costs.

Our oil and gas sector pipeline service offerings are summarized below:

  • planning & feasibility
  • permitting
  • public outreach and tribal engagement
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) environmental review
    • third-party EIS/EA
    • applicant-prepared EA
  • field studies (biologicalwetland/waterbodyair quality, and cultural resources)
  • construction compliance
    • environmental inspection
    • independent environmental monitoring
    • construction stormwater
    • data management systems
  • operational compliance
    • pipeline integrity programs and anomaly digs
    • U.S. Department of Transportation Class changes
    • pipe replacements
    • aboveground facility realignments
    • air quality compliance
    • closure/abandonment
  • merger & acquisition due diligence
  • expert testimony

NEPA / State Permitting

  • Line 3 Replacement Pipeline Project
  • Sandpiper Pipeline Project
  • Valley Expansion Pipeline Project
  • Robinson Lake Oil Pipeline Project
  • Black Dog Gas Pipeline Project
  • Alberta Clipper Project
  • Bakken Pipeline-US Project
  • TC Energy Pipeline Integrity Programs


Third Party Environmental Review and Compliance

  • Regional Energy Access Expansion
  • Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Supply Header Project
  • Northeast Supply Enhancement Project
  • Delta LNG and Delta Express Pipeline Project
  • Port Arthur Liquefaction Project, Texas Connector Project, and Louisiana Connector Project
  • Nexus Gas Transmission Project and Texas Eastern Appalachian Lease Project
  • Cove Point Liquefaction Project
  • Leidy Southeast Expansion Project
  • Southeast Market Pipelines Project
  • Sabal Trail Project
  • Hillabee Expansion Project
  • Florida Southeast Connection Project
  • Sierrita Pipeline Project
  • Northeast Supply Link Project


Matt Long
Sector Lead, Oil & Gas Services

Support Services

Merjent provides a full suite of environmental consulting services