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Due Diligence

Environmental due diligence and contamination services

Merjent staff routinely conduct due diligence services to assist clients with property transactions, commercial redevelopment, transportation projects, renewable energy development, linear energy infrastructure (pipelines and transmission lines), and mergers and acquisitions.
With backgrounds serving multiple industries, from property transactions to transportation corridors, Merjent has the staff and resources to help your projects succeed. With the help of our full-service GIS team, Merjent utilizes robust data management solutions capable of keeping your project’s data and field reports organized, as well as project status tracking services. Plus, with full wetlandbiological, and cultural resources divisions, Merjent is truly a one-stop home for all of your project’s environmental needs.
  • Our ESAs continually evolve to meet current industry and ASTM standards and are conducted in conformance with the applicable ASTM (1527-13 or 2247-16) standards and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s All Appropriate Inquires Final Rule at Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 312. Merjent works with our clients to discuss the goals, purpose, and timeline for each ESA.

    Prior to beginning an ESA, Merjent reviews publicly available data to understand the general history of a property and to highlight red flags to our clients. With this information in mind, we can tailor the ESA to include additional scope items (file reviews, additional agency coordination, asbestos survey, etc.) or likewise modify our approach to meeting time constraints or client objectives.

    We keep our clients informed as the project proceeds and provide a compliant report that is in line with industry standards.

  • Merjent offers a wide spectrum of Phase II investigation and subsurface environmental investigation services. Whether you are looking to assess sub-surface site conditions on a single parcel prior to redevelopment or are in the planning stages of a transportation corridor project, Merjent has the staff and resources to keep your projects on the right track.

    Phase II investigation services offered include coordination with regulatory agencies as needed, development of targeted work plans and soil boring programs, coordination with laboratories and subcontractors, oversight of environmental soil borings and test pits, environmental screening and oversight of geotechnical borings, vapor intrusion assessments, and collection of soil, groundwater, and soil vapor samples.

  • Merjent is familiar with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agencies Brownfield Program and can assist clients with entering the program to obtain liability assurance letters. We have prepared and implement Response Action Plans (RAPs) for a variety of redevelopment projects.
  • Merjent maintains a team of 40-hour HAZWOPER-trained environmental technicians and necessary equipment to conduct onsite field screening services for contaminated media during active construction. Our staff are experienced in holding daily safety tailgates, conducing field screening during active construction, and in providing direction to segregate contaminated media.  Services also include sampling and laboratory analysis of contaminated media (e.g., soil, groundwater, soil vapor, surface water) per regulatory requirements, and providing guidance on contaminated media management and disposal.