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Technology Solutions

technology solutions that support environmental permitting and compliance

As a client of Merjent, you’ll have the benefit of our expert, standard-setting technology solutions to complement environmental compliance, project data management, and public outreach needs.

Merjent offers clients several state-of-the-art technology solutions to facilitate project data reporting, analysis, distribution, and management. Merjent’s systems are built with Microsoft products to seamlessly integrate with client systems, maintaining data portability without proprietary software.

We offer the following technology solutions:

  • compliance data reporting, tracking, and management
  • SharePoint Sites for project management
  • web mapping services
  • drones and droids

Merjent’s technical specialists and inspection staff have collectively developed secure, web-based environmental inspection reporting tools and databases that facilitate efficient data collection, use georeferenced field information, automate document entry, store and archive data, provide task reminders and email alerts, and support a dynamic real-time report-generation system that summarizes observations and noted environmental conditions.

Customizable Solutions

Merjent’s system has a proven reputation throughout the industry as a reliable, easy-to-use solution for on-site inspections and project data management. The system is highly customizable to meet project specifications and is currently supporting multiple projects with the ability to manage an unlimited number of worksites. Inspection personnel can minimize the amount of time spent writing reports, reports are efficiently delivered, and digital data can to be archived for post-project accessibility.

Project Data Viewing and Storage

Merjent has also developed an advanced user-friendly SharePoint-based Document Storage System that includes Geographic Information System (GIS) location of data collection points. This system is designed for project data viewing, document storage, archival, and retrieval of project information that is continuously updated as reports are submitted from the field.

The platform also houses clearances, permits, forms, and reports related to the project in a well-organized system that is accessible by field inspectors using the reporting tool, and by designated project staff via secure web access.

SharePoint Tasks Sync with Outlook

Real-time syncing of SharePoint tasks with Microsoft Outlook provides coordination with specified users within your company and keeps your project files organized.


Role-based logins provide the ability to manage access within project groups. Project information is always secured through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) web encryption.

Merjent can create and maintain both public and secure project-related websites, built to client specifications, using the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

Public websites typically include outreach information such as project description and scope, maps, updates on project schedule, links to relevant documents, and public meeting details, and often provide a database-linked tool that allows the public submit comments.

Secure, password-protected project websites greatly enhance coordination and communication within project teams and ensure secure upload and sharing of files viewable only by project team members. Users with access permission can post and share up-to-date project information, distribute files too large for email provider limits, maintain draft responses to comments, and house draft report versions.

The Merjent GIS Team provides web mapping services that support environmental permitting and construction compliance on complex linear projects. The GIS Team utilizes technology that allows data entry from the field and also supports desk-top review by project staff, using either web-based secure portals or desktop applications. These “project data viewers” allow users of any experience level to promptly access and analyze project-related data.


Keith Kendall
Technology Development Services