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transportation project support: environmental consulting services

Transportation projects rely on cost-effective permitting strategies to meet project goals.
Merjent’s Transportation team understands that within the budget and on schedule. Our biological and cultural resource specialists apply their knowledge across all project phases, including siting and scoping, public outreach, federal, state, and local permitting, cultural and natural resource field studies, and construction inspection.
Our Biology Services team provides a wide range of environmental assessment and permitting services, such as wetland and waterbody delineations, wildlife habitat assessments, plant community surveys, forest inventories, tree and shrub surveys, species-specific surveys for protected or sensitive flora and fauna, and mitigation and restoration plans.
The Merjent Cultural Resources Management team provides professional expertise and support in all phases of cultural resource investigations and consultations.  Our in-house team specializes in comprehensive project review, including agency consultation and tribal engagement, literature reviews and archival research, management of field reconnaissance surveys and site evaluations, artifact analysis, reporting, site mitigation, and construction compliance monitoring. Our cultural resource specialists meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation under 36 CFR Part 61 and maintain any appropriate state licenses and hold current pre-qualified status with the Minnesota Department of Transportation.


Government Sector Lead

Ted Feit