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renewable fuels: safety and environmental consulting services for biofuel producers

Merjent’s Biofuels Team has provided environmental permitting and compliance services, including air quality, water qualityhealth and safety, RFS2 engineering, and public outreach, to over 200 facilities in 31 states.

We provide unmatched personalized service, knowledge, and regulatory expertise. Our clients benefit from easy-to-use technology solutions such as tablet-based tools for more efficient inspection, data collection, and analysis efforts.

biofuels plant


project planning and feasibility

  • due diligence reviews
  • regulatory applicability determinations
  • phase I site assessments

public outreach

  • outreach program development
  • mailing lists
  • outreach documents
  • meeting support (coordination, check-in, site setup)
  • comment tracking and analysis

construction compliance

  • construction stormwater permitting and plans
  • environmental inspection
  • environmental third-party monitoring

environmental permitting

  • air quality permit acquisition
  • water permit acquisition, including water appropriation, stormwater, and industrial discharge
  • beneficial reuse/solid waste permit acquisition

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance

  • local zoning and drainage approvals
  • cultural resources, threatened and endangered species, and wetland studies
  • environmental review and environmental assessment, including those required under NEPA and state environmental policy acts
  • lead agency approvals, including state and federal environmental protection agencies, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Energy

operational compliance

Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2) engineering reviews

RFS2 engineering review services include:

  • third-party engineering reviews
  • site-specific pathway petitions
  • efficient producer petitions (EPP)
  • compliance monitoring plans (CMP)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-terrorism Standards (CFATS)

  • Top-Screen surveys
  • site security plans

expert witness testimony

  • review/analyze project documents
  • draft direct/rebuttal testimony
  • analyze and draft responses to data requests
  • prepare for and testify at hearing


process safety management and risk management plans (PSM/RMP)

Your facility’s PSM program sets up lines of defense against unwanted releases of hazardous chemicals.  Our staff can evaluate your program to identify any gaps in implementation and make recommendations to strengthen the effectiveness of your program  Some PSM services include:

safety consulting services


environmental health & safety manager training

When the goal is to ensure employee health and safety and achieve regulatory compliance, it’s important to provide training that sticks. Effective training programs are impactful, engage the learner, and provide opportunities to apply knowledge in useful and relevant ways. Our Training and Experience services include:

  • PSM/RMP compliance
  • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure
  • water (stormwater and industrial discharge)
  • site security
  • facility response
  • air permit and operational compliance
  • solid waste
  • safety


Paul Mordorski
Sector Lead, Biofuels


select project experience

  • Ace Ethanol, LLC – PSM/RMP Program Assistance
  • East Kansas Agri-Energy, LLC – PSM/RMP Compliance Audit and PHA
  • Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC – Low Carbon Fuel Standard Method 2A Applications
  • Guardian Lima, LLC – Start-up Services
  • Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley, LLC – Air Permitting, Dispersion Modeling, and T-RACT Analyses
  • Redfield Energy, LLC – Title V and NPDES Renewal Applications
  • Red Tail Energy, LLC – Stack Test Management