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Restoration Services

Merjent offers a variety of restoration and ecological services with specialized expertise to meet any project need. Our experienced staff will develop a specific restoration plan that meets your site goals and complies with applicable regulatory conditions. Our team has successfully developed, implemented, and managed Integrated Vegetation Management programs on over 100,000 acres.

ROW Restoration

Our team of experts will create a plan to restore the natural function of disturbed areas. Our restoration projects will address water quality issues, habitat enhancement, and permit requirements. Our experience, combined with our professional relationship with state and federal authorities, ensures your project is completed in compliance and within budget.

  • Services: Soil prep, seeding, planting, and hydro-mulch

Erosion and Sediment Control

Merjent’s experienced team will develop and execute a stormwater pollution prevention plan for any project. Our team will work with you to create and manage a cost-effective stormwater pollution prevention plan and help maintain compliance through diligent inspections and record keeping from start to finish.

  • Services: Silt Fence, straw and hydro mulching, detention pond construction, and blanket installation


Merjent’s skilled team will develop a specific seed mix to best fit your project’s needs and has the equipment and experienced personnel necessary to complete a variety of seeding projects. Our staff is knowledgeable on the specific seed installation techniques relating to prairies, grasses, and pollinator species.

  • Services: Drill, broadcast, hydro, native seed, and aerial seeding

Native Planting

Merjent specialists can select the right plants for each project that will survive and thrive. We consider the soil conditions and hydrology to ensure appropriate species of plants are selected. Native plants offer a variety of benefits for wildlife, erosion control, low maintenance, and natural beauty.

  • Services: Plugs, trees, shrubs, native seed, and live stakes

Vegetation Services

Merjent will create site-specific custom vegetation installation and management plans. Plans will consider site soil conditions and hydrology and existing vegetation and site goals.

  • Services: Vegetation Surveys, mowing/trimming, and invasive species and weed control

Additional Restoration Services: Soil Amendments, Wetland Mitigation Creation, and Streambank Stabilization


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Zach Waechter

Select Experience

  • Reynolds Creek Wetland Mitigation; Confidential Pipeline Client
  • Great Lakes Region Restoration; Confidential Pipeline Client
  • CCAA Pollinator Seeding; Northern Natural Gas
  • SHN 250kV Restoration; Great River Energy
  • Grieve Well 55 Restoration; Denbury Resources
  • Well Pad Restoration Assessments; Denbury Resources
  • Southwest Region Restoration; Confidential Pipeline Client
  • Arbuckle 2 Restoration; ONEOK
  • Petenwell Repeater Project; Wisconsin River Power Company (WEC Energy)