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public outreach services

Public participation is an important component of the regulatory review process and is a valuable tool for ensuring project success.

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The construction of new plants, pipelines, or electric power transmission lines near existing communities, natural resources, or culturally sensitive areas often raises many questions and causes initial concern from the public. Our clients realize that public outreach, done early and often — throughout a proposed project’s lifecycle, often contributes to a more successful outcome.

We can support your efforts to build and maintain good relationships with landowners, communities, and other stakeholders by assisting in your efforts to understand and address landowner concerns and keep the public informed and educated about the project.


During the project planning, siting, feasibility, and permitting stages, Merjent staff are available to assist with public outreach — including public participation plans, support during public open houses and informational meetings, preparation and maintenance of meeting mailing lists, and comments/issues tracking. We can also help companies prepare specific stakeholder or community engagement plans and conduct environmental justice analysis and socioeconomic impact assessments.


At the corporate level, we partner with clients to get out in front of social issues by performing social risk assessments and by designing social performance management systems to help track, manage, and measure long-term social performance.

Merjent project-related public outreach and corporate social risk management services include:

  • public outreach
  • meeting support
  • mailing list and comments/issues tracking support
  • stakeholder and community engagement plans
  • socioeconomic impact assessments
  • corporate-level social risk analysis
  • corporate-level management & measurement of long-term social performance


Casey Warner
Public Outreach Services