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Edison and Tesla never imagined how complicated it would become to transport electricity. Today’s challenges are related to routing and permitting new lines, while successfully addressing a myriad of regulatory, public, and environmental concerns. We know transmission line challenges and have a history of working through these issues successfully.

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  • American Transmission Company; Northern Wisconsin Electric Transmission Expansion
  • Otter Tail Power; Grand Rapids to Bemidji Expansion Project
  • Xcel Energy; Black Dog Repower Project
  • Xcel Energy; BRIGO: Fenton to Nobles
  • Xcel Energy; BRIGO: Line 5546 – Lake Yankton to Marshall
  • Xcel Energy; BRIGO: Line 5547 Yankee Substation to Brookings County Substation
  • Xcel Energy; Buffalo Ridge to White Project
  • Xcel Energy; Lilydale Structure Replacement
  • Xcel Energy; Nobles to Chanarambie Substation
  • Xcel Energy; Rebuild of Transmission Lines 0844 and 0861
  • Xcel Energy; South Bend to Stoney Creek Project
  • Xcel Energy; Split Rock to Lakefield
  • Xcel Energy; St. Cloud Loop Project
  • Xcel Energy; Transmission Line Expansion Project
  • Xcel Energy; West New Ulm to Fort Ridgely Project