Construction Compliance

Merjent offers environmental inspection and third-party monitoring services to the pipeline and utility sectors. We maintain a database of hundreds of qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable inspectors and monitors that are respected industry–wide.

The environmental inspectors and third–party compliance monitors we employ understand FERC and state regulations and procedures and apply a reasonable, practical approach to construction mitigation by balancing the needs of the project and the requirements of regulatory agencies.

Right–of–way safety is a paramount concern to Merjent. We ensure that our environmental inspectors and compliance monitors are properly trained, understand potential hazards, and are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment.

Merjent maintains a Safety and Health Manual that is provided to its field staff prior to starting each project. In addition, Merjent is a compliant contractor registered with ISNetworld (ISN) and meets all necessary safety and health requirements for right–of–way personnel.

Services Offered
Merjent offers the following construction compliance services:
  • Construction Stormwater
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Environmental Third-Party Monitoring